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    Recommendation for number of files per folder

    Lucas Dexter


           Does anyone out there have a recommendation on the maximum number of files you can have per folder in the vault before seeing a performance hit?  I heard somewhere the rule of thumb is 2,000 but I want to confirm.  I am implementing EPDM at a new site and the file to folder ratio has come up several times with the implementation team.

           Also, what is the recommendation for the number of sub folders per folder?  Engineers go crazy with folders (I do not allow them to create them in the vault) so I want to make sure we are not creating too many folders at the new site from the start.




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          Einar Gulbrandsen

          XP64 BIT, pdm 2010 sp2.1:

          We have a couple folders with more than 2000 files in it. On folder has 3500 files and takes about 40 sec. to open.  I think that a folder max should be open in 10-15 sec so would prefere not more than 2000 files in a folder.


          WIN7 64 BIT, PDM 2010SP 2.1


          Same folder ,about 30 sec








          EDIT: update with OS

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            Jeff Sweeney

            It seems to depend on the operating system. Windows 7 seems to be quite a bit more efficient than XP and Vista.


            As a test, I've put 44,500 files in a directory... https://forum.solidworks.com/message/50412 It was a bit painful.


            So depending on your client machines 2-3,000 max is what I say.

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              Jason Capriotti

              For our PDF files, we a series of 9 folders with sub folders for each drawing number.....about 80,000 total. I recorded the time to open each folder containing the sub folders.

              Folder NameNumber of sub foldersTime in seconds to open
              Release 12489255

              Release 2

              Release 317123
              Release 430774
              Release 516643
              Release 628834
              Release 737895
              Release 812683
              Release 93763


              This probably depends on how many people are accessing these folders as well. Since these are PDFs that are automatically placed in the folder by a program, the users never browse there, they just search on the files and open them to view.


              The average is about 550 files per second on our system running 2009 sp4.

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                  Jason Capriotti

                  I ran this on our test machine and it was about 1.5x slower but I don't know if that's because its running Enterprise 2010 sp3 or because its an older server with less memory.


                  Test Machine:

                  2x 3ghz Xeon DP 5050

                  4 gb ram (DDR2)

                  Windows Server 2003 sp2 (32bit)


                  Production Machine:

                  1x 2.53ghz Xeon E5540 (4 cores, shows 8 probably from the hyper-threading option)

                  12 gb ram (DDR3)

                  Windows Server 2003 sp2 (64bit)

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                    Are you guys talking about the time to get a directory listing?  Do you have thumbnails turned on?


                    I am running SW2007 x64.  My primary directory has 6,268 files and I get a directory listing across the network as fast as the display can refresh (1 second or less).  Of course, I have thumbnails turned off, which makes a huge difference.

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                    Ben Kalinowski



                    We've got one folder in particular with more than 8,000 files in and it takes about 10 sec to open and our users work in this foler all day.  I have another folder with 17,000 files in it and it takes a little longer.


                    For us, this is how it needs to be.  What I train my users to do is use the search tool.  I created a small pdmsearch.bat file to put on their desktops (got the idea and / flag for it from another post on this forum).  Any file in the vault can found in less than 3 seconds if you know something about it found on the data card.  Using the search tool makes the browsing time irrelevant and it really leverages the power of pdm since it is a database.  Plus in PDM you don't want alot of folders anyway, so fewer bigger folder become the norm.


                    So, IMHO, don't get too hung up on access times - use your search tool.


                    Good luck,



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                      Lucas Dexter

                      Thanks for all the great replies everyone; access times is great information to have.  Does anyone know if the larger folder sizes has any ill effects when performing upgrades?