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Solidworks Enterprise - copy Item BOM???

Question asked by Glenn Parks on May 12, 2010

I am part of our company's group that is evaluating SW Enterprise to see if it will provide the data management that we are looking for. Using the Item Explorer I understand how you structure the ITEM BOM and then can use NAMED BOM function to order the ITEMS as you want them to appear when we push the data through XML to our ERP system.


The only function that I cannot find or figure out how to accomplish is how to copy an ITEM BOM to a new ITEM BOM that has a different filename?  We have a lot of assembly ITEM BOM's that are basically duplicates except for a few items having different numbers. A simple example would be if I have two ITEM BOM's for the exact same bicycle but one has different gearing, different wheel size and different color. The way we currently do this in our ERP system is to copy the first BOM to a second BOM with a different assembly number.


Can this be done in SWEPDM? Can you copy an ITEM BOM completely to a new ITEM BOM, and additionally can you copy an ITEM to a new ITEM.


I have also seen mention on some blogs that SWEPDM has issues with the numbers of files in individual folders. Some recommend limiting the number of files within a folder to 2,000 maximum.  Is this actually an issue?  We currently have around 40,000 SW files (drawings, parts and assemblies).


Is there any issue with the number of ITEMS in folders?


Appreciate any help that can be provided to answer these questions and I apologize if this is just something I am missing in the help files. Thanks.