Best Compressor

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 19, 2004
Iv'e done some research on different compressors, and found that the quicktime MPEG 4 compressor based on the new H.264 technology offers superior quality/size ratio. I render my films in 640*480 15 FPS fullframe, and edit them in a simple editing program (pinnacle). I render the films from pinnacle, also in fullframes, and import them to quicktime pro (available from @ 29.99$) From there i export them to MPEG 4 and reduce the size 10 folds. The Quality stays almost the same as the fullframe version.

This is a cheap and overall good solution for people not wanting to go all the way with their animations.

The only drawback is that the recipient of the animation needs quicktime (freeware) installed on his computer in order to watch the film.