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Solidworks eDrawing and Dell E6400 latitude laptop

Question asked by 1-R017H3 on May 11, 2010



I have a user who is having issues viewing drawings via SolidWorks E Drawing viewer - 2010 SP3


Basically what happens is he clicks to open up the drawing and instead of seeing a nice clear view of the drawing what he gets is a lot of little squares full of various colors.  I have tried to zoom out and back in with no effect.


Whats crazy is that if the user switches their video resolution while the drawing is open, the drawing comes back just fine.  He can then change his resolution back to original setting 1280 x 720 and view just fine also.  Rotate, play, etc. also work fine after doing this trick.


I have set the video resolution to all the various settings and attempted to open up the drawings and they all come up with these jaggies as I will call them - meaning you cannot even guess what the drawing is.  The if I change the resolution while the drawing is open - all is fine.


Here is the users setup:




Dell Latutude E6400

Windows XP Professional - SP3

4 gb ram

Intel Mobile 4 series express chipset - intergrated.  Driver is from Intel dated 1/21/2009 and is version


I have checked both the Dell and Intel web sites and this is the latest driver.


Please see screenshot attached.


Any thoughts?




Added screenshot