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Change number of rows in automatic revision table

Question asked by Stephen Ball on May 11, 2010

Hi there,


I am using the revision table feature of the PDM Workgroup to auto-generate my revision tables.  It works pretty well for me.  One of the settings for the Vault Admin is to choose the number of rows to display in the drawing.  For most parts, just a few rows, say 5, is just fine.  However, for the odd part, there ends up with more than 5 revisions.  For these drawings, I would like to be able to display more rows than 5.  Is there a way to change the number of rows for a revision table for a specific drawing?  Perhaps I should just choose a high number of revisions for the table so that I will never hit the limit?


Also, on a related note, if I choose only 5 rows in the Vault Admin settings, and I reach say 6 revisions in a part, only the latest 5 revisions are shown in the table.  This is as expected.  Is there a way to force the table to display all 6 rows instead of just the latest 5?


Thanks for the help!