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Edited toolbox inserting models with old dimensions

Question asked by Darren Queen on May 10, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by Darren Queen

I finally have a problem I simply cannot find a solution for.


I recently altered standard dimensions for the plain metric washers to make them match, in size, the standard hardware we use. After doing that, when I insert a washer, it will show the altered dimension but when I hit the green check to complete the insertion, the correct preview model is replaced with a model that has the dimensions from before I changed them.


For example, I changed the M8 plain washer regular to 15.85 outside diameter. When I get to the screen where I have the green check or red X to insert the washer, the preview model shows a washer that is clearly the correct dimensions. Once I hit the green check to complete the process, however, it then changes to a washer which has a 25.4 outside diameter. That is the diameter that the washer had before I edited it. So even though everywhere I look the dimension has been changed to 15.85 and is properly listed, the final product is reverted to 25.4. Any ideas? Thanks for the help