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3d conexion mouse worth it?

Question asked by Jeff Oyog on May 7, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2010 by Jeff Holliday

does using a 3d connexion mouse really help?  I have been looking into these for a while and need to justify the cost.  I have a logitec G5 mouse now and like it but my right shoulder is getting all kinds of knots in it and I was wondering if I were to split the work load to both sides if that would alleviate the shoulder pains.


does this mouse cause any stability problems in SW?  I am using a SW2010 sp3.0 32bit.  the last time I checked the space pilot and the space exploere were the same price, is one recommended more over the other?  is the space navigator a good starting point.  my concern with the space nav. is the weight, and whether it would slide around if not anchored down.