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Skeleton Questions

Discussion created by Kevin Van Liere on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 7, 2010 by Dan Riffell

Dan asked some questions so I am posting them here for everyone to see regarding the skeleton:


Q.  Why is the Back Wall offset from the center of the skeleton?  Wouldn't it have been easier to have that be the midplane?
A. Yes, it would be easier to have the center of the skeleton be the midplane. I was thinking of mating the resulting body to seats, walls, and simply for measuring the distance of joints from a "common" plane.

Q2.  Why do you have axes in three planes?  I looks like you have the knee and shoulder axes in the front, the hip and ankle in the center, and the neck in the back.  Why not have them all in line?
A2. I have axes in 3 planes because I looked at other "professional" human models and saw that if I wanted to do a realistic person that is how they were built.

Q3.  I'm confused with the "forward, vertical, and horizontal" axes.  For example, I'm not sure how you were intending we use them to define the shoulder joint.
A3. The descriptions were just to try to use some common language for the axial rotations. I could have used proper kinesiology terms but I didn't think most people knew these.  For example, I could see that someone might want to allow an upper arm to rotate about a vertical axis and not a horizontal axis. One of the downfalls of other human models is that they use a ball joint for the shoulder and the upper arm is uncontrollable.
Q4. I guess I'm just wondering what your intent was.  If that's part of the game, then I can run with it, but I probably won't be the only one with questions.
A4. The intent was to not place all of the body connection points in one simple plane. The idea being that people designing with this might unwittingly design body parts that can't handle changes in location of joints. This design is a pure guess on my part but hopefully good enough that it can turn into a really good human model. I have been amazed at what previous design challenges have generated by users so I really don't know what this will be a seed for.