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Looking for a good mouse for view rotation

Question asked by Matt Lombard on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2011 by Jeff Holliday

My trusty old Logitech MX Laser is showing its age. I think I have worn out the wheel button rotating SW views. The battery isn't holding its charge like it used to, and some of the nice soft touch material is wearing off. I've only had it for 5 years or so, but I feel it has had a good life and I may be ready to let go of it.


I know this topic comes up a lot, but I'm looking for a mouse with some specific requirements;


  1. wireless
  2. comfortable wheel/mmb that is not too light or too heavy (the Mx Laser mmb is very stiff)
  3. something that doesn't allow the wheel to tilt side to side
  4. (thumb) buttons for Next and Previous (used in web browser)
  5. less heavy than the MX Laser if possible
  6. not a mini or micro sized mouse


I love the quality of the feel of the MX Laser with its soft touch material. I suppose I could buy a can of rubberized spray paint if I felt the need.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Oh, I already have a spaceball, but don't use it because my desk is too messy. Plus, I like that all of the function is contained in a single device.