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Help with clear clamshell rendering

Question asked by Dan Buffo on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by Dan Buffo

Clam Test1.JPG

Hello.  I would like some help with Photoview 360 and rendering clear plastic.  Take a look at this jpeg.  This is a clear plastic clamshell with a paper card in it.  The final version will have artwork on the card.  My problem is the flat area around the cavity.  It just looks kind of mottled and splotchy.  In PV360 I assigned the clamshell a material of Air, it seems to look better than the plastic materials.  I have experimanted with all the plastic and clear glass materials.  Some look better than others but they all have this problem to some degree.  Any suggestions?  This was rendered at 800x600 at Better render quality.  The card and the plastic are not actually touching each other so this is not an interference problem.  Thanks a lot.


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