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    Need Moldmaking tutorials

      I am looking for some tutorials on mold making. Any ideas would be great. I need something that will push me to the limit. I have 4 yrs experience with solidworks so I understand most of the concepts but just haven't really done much in mold making and would like to learn. I am using solidworks 2010.

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          Matt Lombard

          Solidworks has a mold class, with a book if you can find one.


          I have a book with a chapter on mold tools. (sw2010 bible)


          There isn't much that I know of aside from that. You might be able to get some models of molds and have a look at what people do. Check out www.rnbusa.com for software to help deal with molds.


          There are a lot of ways you can create molds, but skills you need to perfect are in-context, multi-body and surfacing.