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Are trimmed edges fair game?

Question asked by Kevin De Smet on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 14, 2010 by Robert Stupplebeen

I was wondering how Solidworks handles trimmed edges, I know that in some other software they are often frowned upon for creating dirty geometry. I was wondering how Solidworks handles trimmed edges and whether I should be vigilant towards them or not. Especially if I'm building boundaries or lofts to them and that way creating a surface directly from those trim edges.


If I am looking for only positional continuity, could I open a 3d sketch and approximate the trim by drawing a sketch entity over it, such as a simple spline that gets quite close, or even an analytical arc or ellipse when possible.


Is this just going to mess with tolerances and not help in any tangible way or form?

Will the knitting process merge the denser trim edges across the surfaces anyway?

Should all trimmed edges be filleted off as a rule of thumb?


Just a random idea that spurred up in me, but it turns out to be a good topic to post about.

So, how about those trim edges?