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    video codecs


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          Solidworks gets the job done by being able to export uncompressed avi. If you are doing anything serious, you will export uncompressed avi and then import it into a different editing program where you can do things like compress, add sound, and have transition effects.


          I think that Solidworks has made the proper decision to not pay for an expensive codec like H.264.  The included codecs suck big time, but they are presumably free or cheap.  Video exports can take a huge amount of time (especially if rendering).  If you do your compression while exporting and find that you didn't like the compression settings or codec, then you are SOL and have to do the export again.


          I use Quicktime Pro to do compressions to H.264 format.  It is cheap and good and even works on Windoze, but won't add sound or do transitions.  For more complicated editing, I am using Final Cut Express.  Also relatively cheap compared to Final Cut Pro.

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            Sorry to bother you guys but this really seems to be the only thread i can find about video codec. I also have a problem of FBR ( by BB Flashback) to MP4 playback. I downloaded this video conversion program to convert fbr to mp4 http://wwww.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/convert-fbr-to-mp4.htmlhttp://wwww.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/convert-fbr-to-mp4.htmllas you can see. In thistutorial it mentions that i can directly convert a video to any formats, but after I added my FBR video into the program, it requested me to choose a codec. There were 2 kindsof codecs, H264 and MPEG4, i do not know which codec should select. I also find another type of video file whose name is mjpeg when i am searching the internet and I do not know what are the relations between these 3. As for H264, i know that it is a compressed encoder, so i am worrying that there may be some quality loss in the course of conversion to some extent, is that real? The video's output parameters are 720p- 60fps and i do not literally like to decrease the file size by losing video output quality and decreasing it to 30fps which is less smooth. So, does any onehas any ideas how i can safely choose a proper codec? H264 or MPEG4?