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Is there a setting in SolidWorks to look for parts only in PDM

Question asked by Erik Balle on May 4, 2010
Latest reply on May 5, 2010 by Erik Balle

When we are dragging older assemblies that were created before we had PDM Enterprise and were outside the vault, we do a pack-in-go and drag into a folder in PDM Enterprise. We check the assembly into the vault and all new items that are not already in the vault are checked in, all the duplicate files we delete. When we open the assembly SolidWorks can not find all the parts in the assembly that were already in the Vault but in a different folder, we have to manually search for each file location that it can't find and then browse to that location, it would be great if SolidWorks had a check box that says always look in Vault for external references since there will only be one location in the Vault for each file since we have the setting for part file names to be unique.