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Update locked out.  This can't be right.  Can it?!?

Question asked by Carter West on May 4, 2010
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by John Burrill

I did not purchase a maintenance contract for this year.  Which would have continued tech support, and get a 2011 upgrade.  But when attempting to update the latest sp3.0 to my 2010-SP2.1, it errors with the message that only active subscriptions may update.


So I'm wondering. Every other software I ever bought. EVER bought, includes updates for as long as the product is active and is still being supported.  So, if this is true to SW, it would have been an easy oversight when reading the fine print in the maintenance agreement.  So, I ask; is this true?  In order to get a repair to the product that you buy, you must pay to get the repairs?  And if I must pay, then can't I buy just the update and not the full service contract?


You buy a Ford, and they find they need to flash the ECM because they found some bugs, they don't charge you.  Neither does Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, oh yea and AutoDESK to get the repairs (updates) to thier known issues.


So, I hope I'm wrong and someone can show me what I'm doing wrong to download and install the repairs to the 2010 product I own and use.