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    View filter by file property

    Mike Ramsey

      Is there a way to set a permission so I can filter out people who can view files with certain properties? I want to add a file property for ITAR drawings and I'd like to be able to add that as a file property but limit who can view it without giving those files there own specific folder.


      Is there a way to do this or am I just going to have to make a folder for them. 

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          John Burrill

          I know that in Workgroup PDM with lifecycle statuses.

          You create a life-cycle (like 'released' or 'public' or something)and check 'control document access using that status'


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            Jeff Walters

            Mike there isn’t a way (that I know of) to set permissions based on a custom property without using API. The 3 ways of assigning permissions are folder permissions, file permissions, and state permissions. The easiest ones to manage are folder and state. You said you didn’t want to move the files to a different folder (can’t blame you) so that leaves state. I would add a side loop to your work flow call it something like ITAR this way you can easily assign permissions to the files. If you want a custom property set you can do it as part of the transition as well.

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              Calvin Nelson

              If you create a separate workflow for files with that property, then you can set permissions for the states of that workflow accordingly.