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$TOLERANCE@xxx@xxx Not Working

Question asked by 1-QLQWXI on May 3, 2010
Latest reply on May 7, 2010 by Raymundo Hernandez

Well here I am again with another question:


I am implementing design tables to help speed our work and minimize errors. I have the design table looking and working great, however there is one problem. When I started to expand the DT to include tolerances, they do not show up in the model, nor do I see where SW is even seeing them in the DT. SW is not giving any error messages, so I'm sure my parameters are correct. But for the sake of arguement, I am using "$TOLERANCE@TIP DIA@Tool SK" and then I will always use MIN as a tester. I save the DT and close Excel, then return to SW. Nothing happens.


Where am I messing up. My DT columns is well into AA. Could that be the problem. Please help! Pulling my hair out on this one.