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SolidWorks Rx Lists Incorrect Graphics Card Driver While Windows Device Manager Shows Correct Driver

Question asked by 1-7UEHFD on May 3, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Frank Oostendorp

I recently took the oppertunity to upgrade to Windows 7 after a system failure with my Vists installation. The clean install of Windows 7 went without a hitch,other than the fact that I had to manually download and install the certified SolidWorks driver for a Lenovo W500.No problem with that either...but Windows 7 did install a generic consumer driver for the ATI GPU, and the SolidWorks certified driver installation overwrote the consumer ATI driver.


Downloading and installing SolidWorks 2010 x 64 went without a hitch, and I briefly tried it out with a known file, realview and everything else looked good.


Now SolidWorks Rx says that I have the wrong driver installed even though the correct graphics card is installed and the device manager shows the correct driver. I have attached a screen shot showing the discrepancies. Any ideas why this is happening? Is it a bug in the SolidWorks Rx system, or is SolidWorks Rx reading old Device manager information of the overwritten ATI consumer GPU driver.


Has anyone else experienced this?