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Saving SolidWorks drawing as AutoCAD dwg drawings

Question asked by Pierre Malouf on May 2, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Md Sobug Mia

I used SolidWorks to do design work. The product which is given to customers are drawings generated by SolidWorks. Several customers have asked that the drawings be provided as AutoCAD dwg drawings. This is where I have a problem, the "save as dwg" feature of SolidWorks 2010 is limited in what it can do. The main issues being the scale of the various views are different and the model & paper space are limited to one sheet per SolidWorks drawings. I have tried various options in the dialog box such as enabling 1:1 scale and so on, all with limited success. The only solution I have found is to save to open the file in AutoCAD, transfer to model space, adjust the scale to 1:1 and redo the drawing in paper space.


Another option is to simply do the work in Inventor and save as a dwg file, this would be faster and save a lot of time. It is not a route I wish to travel and I would like to do something similar with SolidWorks. However I have had very limited success saving as dwg files. I have tried finding third party software or add-ins to SolidWorks which could help with the conversion process, but no luck.


Just being able to save all the views with a 1:1 scale would be of great help.


Can anybody help me.




Pierre Malouf

Consulting Mechanical Engineer