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Anomalies installing SP3.0

Question asked by John Burrill on May 1, 2010
Latest reply on May 13, 2010 by Kevin Quigley

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else ran into licensing  issues after installing 2010 SP3.0.

We have a 12 seats on subscription, 10 of which are SNL.

OK, so I log into the customer portal, downlaod the sldim, run it and it starts doing it's thing.

When it gets to serial number, it's got my network serial number plugged in there and all's fine and dandy, but when I hit 'next' I get a nag box saying that my subscription contract expired on 3/31/10 and the patch came out on 4/27/10.


I log into the customer portal using my account which is tied to my network serial number: nope subscription is still good unitl 2011.  I check my serial numbers and instead of listing the 0010 it's lists a number that starts with 9000.  Well, that's a little Odd.  So I copy and paste it into the installation manager and it goes ahead.  I download 4.9Gb with 271Mb remaining and the solidworks session I've been working in all the while hangs (for unrelated reasons).

I right-click on the solidworks icon in the taskbar and do end program and then realize that I've just killed my instalation manager (YEAH, HAVING THOSE ICONS THE SAME IS LIKE HAVING RAT POISON AND ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER IN IDENTICAL BOXES)

Wow, so, on to the story.

OK, the situation is recoverable, I restart intallation manager, it tells me that it has to repair itself.  I let it and respecify my options and the 0010 serial number is back in there.  At this point, my mindset is, 'it was a glitch in the spacetime continuum' and my serial number will probably work because it should work.

I hit 'next' and get the same nag box, but it does allow me to continue and it does downlaod the remaining files.

When I go into option editor after creating my administrative image, my 0010 serial number is there.  I configure my options, exit out, double-click the HTA file, and hit the 'start solidworks installation' button.

It installs without a hitch.

OK, so I've got the Solidworks installation survey up and I'm like, did any of that happen?

In my minds eye, I see the licensing server at Solidworks is the WOPR computer from War Games rattling in place like an decrepit washing machine, shoulder to shoulder between two towering black R&D servers.

But I was wondering if anyone else ran into problems with the 3.0 install.