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    Task Pane Custom Properties

    Vincent Bunker

      Installed SWX 2009 64Bit SP-5.1 on Win 7 64Bit; my custom properties list box populated just fine. I modified the text file, hit F5, and now none of my list boxes will populate.

      I have tried a reboot, reload custom settings via "Copy Settings Wizard", remapped the file location, deleted the "Current User -> Solidworks" registry key and remapped the text file location. Nothing seems to work. Any one else run in to this issue?



      Dell M6500

      I5-520M Dual Core 2.4Ghz

      4GB RAM

      QuadroFX 2800M

        • Re: Task Pane Custom Properties
          Vincent Bunker

          Simple solution...

          For some reason I lost the mapping within my custom property tab template. When I opened the file in the property builder, I received an "Invalid file name" error. After clicking on the list box in the property tab builder, I clicked on the browse button to remap the file location of my custom properties.