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Recent SW2010 update...some sketches marked as unsolvable but relations all look fine

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Apr 30, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by Josh Mings

Ok, so since I upgraded to 2010 last week, I've seen this a few times already.  One place or another, like in the feature tree, or on a drawing broken out section spline sketch, I'll see errors saying the sketch has a problem, but when I go in to repair the sketch to eliminate the errors, there seem to be no problems.  If I do the command display/delete sketch relations, none show up on the overdefining/not solved, or if just list them all, none show up as red or seem to have a problem.  In the graphics area, none of the geometry is yellow or red, as the sketch relations are none yellow or red, but in the bottom right corner I'm still getting the color legend showing that red is unsolvable and yellow is conflicting, and in the status bar or whatever it is at the very bottom just above the windows task bar, it has the caution sign icon followed by the message invalid solution found.


This, of course, is pretty annoying, since my feature trees now show phantom errors all over the place which I can't seem to find.  And I'm not the most talented, but far from a newbie here.  I did a search on here and didn't see anything similar, but this has to be happening to others...anybody?