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Custom Product Advice when using Workgroup PDM

Question asked by Stephen Ball on Apr 30, 2010

Hi there,


I work at a company that does quite a lot of custom work for the products we sell. Our customers tend to need some custom modifications for the product to suit their needs.  The products have long lifecycles too, so we need to be able to support these different variants for several years.  So, we need to keep track of exactly what each customer receives so that we can support their system and provide any future changes/upgrades.


We are hoping to implement the Workgroup PDM software for our Solidworks.  Perhaps you could make some suggestions for how one might overcome some of the issues when dealing with custom products like this?  Here are some specific questions that I thought of, but I assume there are more that I haven't thought of yet.


1) If I need to modify (and track changes to) an older revision of our product, what options do I have?  Pack and go?  Edit older revisions and save as?

2) Is there a way to associate a new part or assembly with an older revision?  This would be the case if I simply needed to add something to an older product without actually modifying the old product parts.

3) Do I just save the entire product (all parts/assemblies) as a new part numbers every time I ship the product?


Thanks for the help!