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    Data Card Deleting Custom Properties

    Glenn Douglas

      We've had a bizarre issue in the last two days with PDM. When we enter data in the data card there are a number of custom properties that are being deleted.


      Two examples.


      Enter Eng Date and the Finish was being deleted.

      Enter or change an 'approver' and the description is being deleted.


      In each case it appears that the last field listed in the custom properties is being deleted. Anyone else see something like this??


      We are running SW 2009 and PDM 2009

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          Erik Balle

          I haven't seen your exact problem with custom properties but the problem I have had in PDM Enterprise 2008,2009 and 2010 is if you delete a custom property in SolidWorks that custom property value in the Data Card will not go away until you clear that value in the Data Card.

          If you have a custom property in SolidWorks and you delete the custom property in the Data Card that custom property will be deleted in the SolidWorks model, this seems normal to me, but what you are seeing doesn't seem normal where a differnt custom property is being deleted.