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PhsX chain animation - Impossible....???

Question asked by 1-EAMQE8 on Apr 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 3, 2010 by 1-EAMQE8

Hey all,


I've been searching for days now to understand how I can get a motion study based on a chain to work....


My application is a chain conveyor with buckets attached like this:


In my motion study I want the conveyor to move the buckets around the path and drop items into the buckets with gravity (so keyframed animation wont work).


I thought the belt and chain feature was ideal but it turns out the belt does not rotate with the pulleys so the buckets didn't move. I also found links to animated chains which use mates to follow paths but these were only good for key framed animation.


I have to believe this is possible and hope you can share some insight on what to do.