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Parts with multiple sheet metal features, why cant i get them to display in drawings correctly?

Question asked by 1-K9EI8W on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by Mark Steinman

So with great joy we installed SW2010 and marvelled at its ability to support multiple sheet metal features within the one weldment part. Excellent, as we generally like to create a weldment part (something that gets welded together in one lump) as a single part. So often if its made from plate or sheet metal, we might have two bent up bits that get welded together, hence our joy at this new SW capability.

But, once you get past this point, and try to create the drawing for this component I am overwhelmed by great sadness. I simply cant get it to show the bend line notes, and usually its a struggle to just show the bend lines when displaying the flat pattern. I almost always have to go and manually un-hide the bend line sketch!


My question is:


Does any one else use this sheet metal capability like this or are you using assemblies insted?


Are you having bend line note issues ( and yes ive tried to tick the little check box that says show the bend line notes, which is always grayed out and cant be ticked) ? Also tried creating a different config and supress all parts in that assembly exept the flat pattern of what i want. Still no joy with bend line notes.


Honestly, it should not have to be this hard....


Thanks for any help you can give,