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How to display instance IDs from assembly in drawing balloon notes?

Question asked by Paul Angier on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by Tony Greising-Murschel

I need to identify specific occurrences of components in my assembly on the drawing view, by attaching balloon notes with unique identifiers (similar to find numbers).


But, when specifying the content of the annotation, I can only pick from a fixed list of properties such as Qty, Item No, etc.  Or I can display the value of a custom property, if one is defined within the part.  What I can't do is display the instance ID, which appears in the SW feature tree like this, for multiple occurrences of part lvp1:



   lvp1 <1>

   lvp1 <2>



Does anyone know how to do this, either via configuration or customization?  This is with SW 2009 SP5.1.