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One user referencing old part in assembly other user referencing new part

Question asked by Erik Balle on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by Erik Balle

Is anyone else experiencing this bug? User "A"has a upper level assembly checked out and working on the upper level assembly while user "B" has a lower level assembly checked out and replaced one part with a new part. User "A" checks in his upper level assembly, then user "B" checks in his lower level assembly. User "A" opens up his assembly and it is still referencing the old part even when he gets latest version on the lower level subassembly. There is also mate errors on the lower level assembly. User "C" which did not have either assembly open or checked out when these changes were made, the assembly comes up normal with the new part and no mate errors. we looked on user" A"s computer and there was a local copy of the old part on his computer, he deleted the old local copy and it came up with a error saying he did not own the file but it still deleted the old part, the old part was created by user "B" and all changes to it were done by user "B". Why did user "A" get a local copy of the old part when he never created the part in the first place? Deleting the local copy of the old part fixed the problem. I think this is a major bug!