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Routing "remove pipe" issue and Flow Simulation

Question asked by Bernt Ødegård on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2010 by Bernt Ødegård

I do a lot of piping/ductwork, both for air and liquid handeling and sometimes we want to run the pipes in the flow sim to check that we have appropriate Fan or Pump to run it.


The problem is that when you use the "remove pipe" option in routing, it generates a lot of gaps in the route.  what it does is to set the length of the line between two components to 0,002mm (or some other very small value), Then it has some kind of filter that removes the pipe part generated at this "0" length line. Maybe it does not generate the zero length part at all, but the point is that I want it there...  Otherwise I need to go into the route and manually assign a slightly larger length to all these lines to be able to run the simulation. Is there any where I can do any of the following: 1: Make the pipe stay there?  2: make flowsim ignore gaps smaller than a certain value, or close such gaps automatically?