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    Drawing revision in BOM - Enterprise

    Jeff Sweeney

      I would like to get the drawing revisions in a BOM. I've seen simular topics to this in Workgroup, anyone have a solution for Enterprise?


      So far the best solution I have come up with is to –at checkin time, have an addin that copies the drawing revision into the component’s datacard. Then show this datacard variable in a BOM column.


      Kinda flaky because we need to ensure the drawing is updated before the component, but that is the best solution I have come up with so far. Anyone have a better solution?

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          Jeff Sweeney

          Perhaps even better would be to create a SW addin that before a part is saved, the addin checks for a corresponding drawing. If the drawing is found, its revision is copied into the revision custom file property of the part.


          -a little less flakey because now the only way this doesn't work is if the drawing revision updates after the part is saved. Which is less likely unless changed via a transition.

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              Brian Dalton

              We currently show all part and sub-assembly in our BOMs by default - by including them in the file name (349_B.sldprt).  This only 'works' because we're not in EPDM yet (changing over to database tracked revisions inside the vault will likely be my number one headache in implementation..).  I'm actually planning to recommend that we STOP putting part revs in BOMs because EPDM doesn't support it and because of the major effort required to propagate even the smallest revision all the way to the top of the assembly tree.  This in effect is treating the rev as part of the part number, and makes all revisions act like non-interchangable changes, which is anathema to what revisions are for.


              My feeling is that if someone is looking for a way to include revisions on BOMs inside EPDM, they should re-consider their revisioning policy.  If revisions are reserved only for fully interchangeable changes, there's no need to include them on BOMs.  Clearly EPDM was designed with that fact in mind.