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Question asked by Scott Pratt on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on May 2, 2010 by Scott Pratt

Hello All,

I am planning out my first Simulation analysis and would like to get some feedback to make sure I am going about it the right way. The frame consists of two welded frames that are bolted together. I will go through and add welds constraints to the welded frames and then add bolt connections that link the two frames together. Is there a standard bolt preload I can use? I suppose I should put something in instead of having no preload, right? I have a frame that has a central axis about which it rotates. Do I need to add the part that constrains this post to be able to create the right sleeve constraint? The frame sits on four rollers, which are not shown but they are represented by the black arrows. I suppose I need to add these to the model and provide the proper mating conditions between two round parts, no? A set of forces are applied to the frame, which are represented by the red arrows. We manually calculated these loads by using civil engineering calculations that gave us the loads from our specified wind load. The two load points are connected together by the structure that mounts to this frame. Do I need to add this structure or something that represents this structure? Or can I just constrain the movement of these points? Is there anything else I need to be cognizant of when doing this analysis? BTW, would it be inappropriate in post my results of the analysis and get people's feedback? I don't want to abuse this forum, but would love to have some hand holding as I am doing this. Thanks in advance for your help.




Frame FEA.jpg