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Anyone have SPECapc SolidWorks 2007 data for Boxx Tech 4850 Extreme?

Question asked by Matthew Weis on Apr 27, 2010

I'm in the process of compiling a ROI to justify better and non-Dell PCs for several of us engineers.  Currently, I've run the SPECapc SolidWorks 2007 benchmark on a new Dell IT special for a new hire (Dell Optiplex 960, 3.33GHz, 2 CPU, 4Gb RAM, Nvidia FX3700 512Mb) ) and on our tried and true 64bit simulation machine (Dell Precision 960, 2.66GHz, 8 CPU, 4Gb RAM, Nvidia FX4600 768Mb).  The "Day in the Life Scores" that the benchmark generates is the information I'm looking for so I can tie specific timing numbers to a ROI.  For reference, our new Optiplex time was 122sec, while the Precision Workstation was 190sec.


Does anyone out there who is running a Boxx Tech 4850 Extreme machine have benchmark data or care to run the benchmark and share the data?


I've pinged Boxx Tech to see if they have data or to see if one of their engineers running SolidWorks could perform the benchmark.


The SolidWorks specific benchmark from SPEC can be found here: (scroll down to SPECapc for SolidWorks 2007)


We have a meeting with our IT architecture gate keeper tomorrow after lunch, so getting this ROI information is imperative.




Matt Weis