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Problems with AVI files from SW Motion Study

Question asked by Ben Sinnock on Apr 27, 2010

Hi all,


I'm trying to create a .avi file from a Motion Study in SW 2008 so that we can have something to display through a media player (such as Windows Media Player) during design meetings etc. The animation works fine within SW but when I try to generate the .avi file it gets corrupted i.e. mates collapse so that parts no longer remain in their correct relationships and there are also bizarre artifacts appearing at random places on the screen when you try to play the resulting file. I have spent a GREAT deal of time trawling the forums and net in general on this subject and have tried several things to fix it (cutting out all unnecessary detail, changing the frame rate, using only coincident/concentric mates etc etc) all to no avail. If anyone else has encountered this and found a fix I'd be interested in hearing it.