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How do you create sequential numbers for dimension numbers?

Question asked by Gary Woods on Apr 26, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2010 by Dale Dunn

            I have a technical question about sequential numbers in Solidworks.  Here at BLD Products on our product drawings we assign numbers in a hex shape to all dimensions and notes.  When we do revisions later we can identify the dimension or note by calling out the dimension number.  My question is, is there a way that the dimension number can update all the dimension numbers if you happen to add a dimension after it is released?  An example would be say if you had a drawing with over say 125 dimension numbers and you notice that a dimension number has to be added between dimension 25 and 26.  So you add a dimension number 26 to the new dimension, but you already have a dimension number 26 assigned, so you really want to change that dimension 26 to 27, and also all dimensions from there on after get bumped up one digit.  Is there a way to do that in Solidworks?  I have checked all the help files, went on line, etc., etc. with no luck with coming up with a solution.  This would be real handy to have something like this to have.  Right now in Mechanical Desktop (legacy files) we have to manually bump up each number.  That is very time consuming and not very productive.  I remember in the old days in Autocad, they used lisp routines for something like this.  In fact there was a program to sequentially update the numbers one number, two numbers, etc. (whatever you wanted).   Does Solidworks have something like lisp routines to customize Solidworks?  Also what we do now was create a note (a hex with a 2 digit fitted note in the hex) and put it in a directory where we can all access it.  When we insert it in the drawing it comes in as a note. It seems to work ok, but if we have to bump it up one number, we have to manually move every dimension number to the next dimension.  It sure would be nice if someone out there had some kind of program out there to automaticlly bump up all dimension numbers after the one is updated, and to sequentially raise one digit or two digits for the rest of the dimension numbers. I included a giff file showing our dimension numbers in a drawing.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Gary L. Woods