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    Title Block Management

    David Anderson

      is there a way to make a single title block which can be used to define all title blocks in all drawings? i fear this is not possible in SW yet if it was it sure would be very efficient way to manage the default title blocks.

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          Matthew Lorono

          No, and such a system may violate many standards and practices protocols.  For example, you would be affecting design intent if you suddenly changed you global template from "ASME Y14.5-1994" to say instead "ASME Y14.5-2009".  Without a drawing by drawing consideration, such action would potentially put your drawing at risk of misinterpretation.  If under ISO or FDA regulation, even if criterial information is not included in the global template, it could unnecessarily create risk of findings during audits.


          I would look into using the task manager to implement changes under some sort of process control.  If task manager isn't up to the task, there may be third party applications or macros that can do the work of updating the sheet formats of multiple drawings.


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