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Interesting stability development....

Question asked by 1-184YI3 on Apr 23, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2010 by Vikas Garg

We have just recently upgraded all our computers and installed Solidworks 2010sp2.1 On my computer I have been running 4 weeks with 2 crashes.  Today one of our engineers was complaining that he had repeated crashes (20 today) and I was asked to help as I had only had 2 crashes in 4 weeks.  I opened his assembly and it instantly crashed, tried 3 more times and it crashed every time.  Out of 3 computers only 1 would open this assembly and not crash.  This assembly has maybe 30 compomnents, no arrays/lofts/sweeps...pretty simple stuff.  I have seen this before, some assemblies will crash on some machines but run on others.  What I find more interesting is that now, my machine that has crashed only twice in 4 weeks has now crashed 8 times in 3 hours while doing very simple tasks.  I have gone through the option panel looking to see if the assembly I loaded that crashed changed any of my options causing this problem but, cannot see anything I would change.  I cannot think of what might have changed on my system that I would consider stable.  Our VAR is looking into it but, they have rarely been useful.  Any ideas?