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Contact Forces for Spur Gears

Question asked by Re Ej on Apr 23, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2010 by Re Ej

Hi There!

I am trying to simulate contact forces resulting from a a pair of meshing spur gears in SW motion,so far no success,I find this link:


on this link its mention(check the 3rd item in the list) :



COSMOSMotion users can now simulate the interaction between spur gear, bevel gear pairs and calculate gear teeth contact force using new Gear joint. This new gear joint uses less resources and time than the traditional 3D contact simulation.

which gear joint is this which give the forces?the gear mate provided in Advance mate just turns the gears but do not care about contact forces so any tutorial or guidance how to simulate the contact forces?Thanks for your time and help!I am using SWP 2009.