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Manipulator Triad, snap to angles no longer works, snap while dragging is checked

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Apr 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by Paul Marsman

Title pretty much says it all.  When I rotate with the manipulator triad, it used to snap at 90 degrees.  I upgraded to 2010, and it no longer does.  I found through a little searching that a right click on the triad gives you an option to check enable snap while dragging.  Well it is checked, but I still can't get it to snap.  Am I missing a required action to accomplish this, or is this a bug?  Over the long run, a simple little thing like this costs a lot of time.  I know there is a rotate by 90 degrees option there too, but whereas I used to just use my hotkey to bring up the triad and one second to rotate it 90, now I hit my hotkey, the triad shows up, I have to right click on it, click on rotate 90(already took longer than just snapping), then when it went the wrong direction 90 I have to right click again and aim and click at rotate 180.  So what used to actually take about two seconds, now takes twenty seconds.  Not my idea of streamlining my workflow.