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    Modeling convection in static fluid

    Ramya Ramaswamy

      How good is flow simulation to model convection in static fluid? I am trying to simulate an experiment that I had done in the lab and am getting terrible results. I have a heat resistor giving out 40W and it is immersed in the fluid. And I am trying to model the rise in temperature of the fluid. Attached is a picture of my experiment. untitled.JPG

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          Ameer Chilakala



          The flow simulation deals with the flow of fluid in & around the components. But your conditions is static fluid. i hope we can't use flow simulation for static fluid.


          another option define the inlet flow of fluid and specify the heat load in the flow simulation i.e. heat conduction in solids option is checked i.e. fluid is passing around the heated body. then you can check the outlet temp of the fluid.


          kindly let me know if i am wrong.

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            Rich Bayless



            In the technical reference document for Flow Sim, they present a natural convection validation example.


            Look in:


            C:\Program Files\Solidworks_2010_SP21\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\lang\english\Docs\technicalreference.pdf


            You may want to try running their example as a way of learning how to run Flow Sim for your case.


            You can find the example file in:


            C:\Program Files\Solidworks_2010_SP21\SolidWorks Flow Simulation\Validation Examples\16 - Natural convection in a square cavity


            Give that a try and if still having trouble, perhaps you could post the actual model.


            Cheers,  Rich.

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              Ramya Ramaswamy

              I do have gravity turned on and I have entered all the properties of my fluid into the engineering database. But when I run the model, only my solid heats up and I have no significant change in the temperature of the fluid! I have the  'Heat transfer coefficient' set to 5W/m2/K. I have also tried modeling this as an external flow and I still dont see any significant change in fluid temperature! In my experimental set-up, the fluid boiled (boiling point 127oC) and the temperature rise of the solid was 150oC!