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Why does solidworks forget where my elbow is located?

Question asked by 1-M4OM40 on Apr 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2010 by MIRATecnologia Projectes

So here's my latest problem, and its possibly a stem of problems with a "route" cause, pardon my pun.


All our routing parts are in the design library. Lately, when I want to "start by drag/drop" it is unresponsive, that is to say, i can drag a routing component onto the screen, but nothing happens. It doesn't prompt me to choose pipe and elbows anymore, and doesn't automatically make stubs to build onto. Instead, it is treated as a regular part in an assembly. If i try to start a route from it after, i can make a route, but the component I initially dropped onto the screen doesn't become a component within the route assembly.


Then, the problems continue, If i save that assembly, and try to re-open it, the original part loses its location and I have to browse and relocate it. Parts within the route assembly do not need to be relocated.


How do i get Route on drag/drop to work again?

Why would solidworks forget the location of a part?

What is a good reliable set of routing options/selections in tools/option?