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Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Apr 22, 2010

A collegue has run into the situation that he has a DN300 pipe that will have two branching pipes (DN150) which will have a 90° angle between them en enter the DN300 pipe in the same plane.



While it's perfectly possible to have the one pipe do a penetrate it still means that it doesn't seem to be possible to have the route of the other pipe actual end on the vertical one, let alone do a penetrate on that one as well.



I understand that the penetrate is just for show but still.....

Not being able to end the other pipe on the same intersection point because it thinks one wants an elbow inside the vertical one is not helpful

Is one truly forced to use a work around so as to draw this without strange things happen or errors all over the place ?



Is this how it is or is there something that my collegue and I am overlooking ?