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    Using rivets in a simulation

    Scott Pratt

      Hello All,

      I was told that it was possible to use riveted connections in Simulation. If this is true, how is this done. I tried to add a connection but did not see a rivet option. Or should I just use bolts in the analysis? Thanks.



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          Ameer Chilakala



          Soldworks simulation does not consist the rivet connectors. We can't  use bolt connectors which will replaces the rivet joints. Because both  having different methodologies. In the bolt connectors we will apply the  preload condition,but in the rivets no preload is acting. if you are  not looking the stresses in the rivets means, you can use bonded contact  between the parts or you need to model the rivets then apply the proper  contact conditions i.e. no penetration or bonded as per your  conditions.





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            Jared Conway

            Scott, what do you want the rivet to do? These options are all good and the choice would be based on what you wanted them to do and what you want to learn. Pin or bolt (with no preload) will work and report the forces on them. Bonded contacts will connect parts together but won't give you any info on the forces they feel. Spot weld connectors or modeling the rivets would be another option.