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    Modeling a foam

        Hi, I m training do modulate a graphite foam to make a thermal analysis  of that material.


      I have made same experiences but i can't get  it Dane.  


      The issue that i have, is to make little bubbles and  introduce them chaotically in a volume. Is that possible...


      Can  someone help me.

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          Charles Culp

          Try asking this same question in the "simulation" category. This is the sketching category.


          There is an easy way to simulate non-solid materials for the fluid simulation package, I'm not sure if that is also possible with the thermo/stress package; but someone who frequents that category will be able to help you.


          If you really need to actually solid model the bubbles, then you would want to create one bubble, then use pattern feature to pattern it to fill an area. Do one pattern to make a 2D array, then do a second pattern to pull that into the 3rd dimension. This will probably not only bring your computer to a slow crawl, but probably take it past the braking point. A much better solution is to just use an analysis that accounts for the holes in the foam.

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            David Paulson



            You can always define  your graphite foam part to be "porous media" in Flow.  However, if there is no flow through the porous media, I am not sure how the results will turn out.  Just set some temperature goals in the graphite foam and see if you obtain a reasonable result.