Mac Baker

Welcome Solidworks Users

Discussion created by Mac Baker on Apr 21, 2010

Generally we meet every two months and have a dynamic presentation and great food.

The meetings are started off with a brief social for 15-20 minutes and proceed into the main presentation.  I've found a brief break 3/4 through the presentation for refills works really well.  I'd like to thank everyone that's helped our Richmond group get started and look forward to seeing the group grow and contribute to our community.


We're starting to have an exciting feature at our meetings called how we use SolidWorks.  It's a 5-15 minute mini presentation where a member gets to show some of the non-classified projects and techniques and approaches they use on a daily basis at their office.


Did I forget to mention the GREAT FOOD?


We have a few members who regularly travel in from all over the state to attend these meetings.  I'm amazed and excited to see such a wide variety of industry represented by our attendees.


Come on out and check out a meeting.  Who knows you might meet a contact to a cool company you'd enjoy working with.


Best wishes to all,


-Mac Baker