No Working Copy Check-in

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 29, 2006
I installed another vault on another one of our servers and I am unable to make Working copy checkin available for the clients. I am not having this problem on the other server. Both servers are running the same OS(Windows Server 2003). Both vaults at PDMWorks 2006 SP4.2. Settings are the same on each server. From the client machines if I log into one vault I have working copy check in and from the same clients if I log into the other vault there is no ability to do a working copy check in. I am at a loss. My VAR currently cannot provide any answers. The only thing that I can identify that is different between the servers that I believe may have an impact is they are running different anti-virus software. On the server where the vault is installed Norton Antivirus is installed I am thinking about reinstalling the vault with the anti-virus shut off. Has anyone else run across this problem?