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    Beam Section Properties

    Peter Stanwicks

      Simulation does not seem to calculate section properties correctly.  I am doing a beam analysis.  In the analysis is a 3.5" Schedule 40 pipe.  Simulation shows the neutral axis down the center of the pipe.  However, Ixx and Iyy are different.   It calculates Ixx as 3.98e6 mm4 and Iyy as 1.99e6 mm4.  Hand calculation shows 1.99e6 mm4.


      I also notice that Rectangular Hollow Sections do not have the correct properties either.  I haven't check angles because the neutral axis are different.


      What gives?  Anyone else notice this?   Is there anyway to override the Simulation calculations?



        • Re: Beam Section Properties

          Try Sigma-X Section to calculate the properties you require - the software also calculates the torsion, warping and plastic modulus for any shaped section.  Sigma-X are solutions providers for Solidworks - Solidworks users frequently use Sigma-X Section to calculate properties for beam type analyses.  Details of how to download Sigma-X Section are on the Solidworks web site in the mechanical engineering partners products area.