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Printing from EPDM in 2010

Question asked by Tom Cote on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2010 by Joy Garon

I am testing EPDM 2010 with SolidWorks 2010 on a Win7 machine in preperation for a company upgrade.  So far it has been working well although getting used to Win7 is a challenge.  I did notice that there is a new feature when you RMB select on a file (in my case a PDF) and select the command "Print Files".  This is great and exactly what I have been looking for from EPDM.  The problem is I cannot seem to change the printer from Adobe PDF to a printer on my network.  Looking through the help it indicates that the printer is dertermined by the Admin.  I am admin on the computer and on EPDM.  The only printer in my network is one on the network.

Anybody figure this out yet?