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Move revision counter

Question asked by Jason Capriotti on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2010 by Frank Pampreen

I noticed during our migration that they were able to programmacially set a version to a specific revision letter. Is there an API call that a program could be written to do the same for files already in the system with a revision counter.


It's common for us to pull up SolidWorks models to add configurations or to fix problems in the model. We don't want the revision to change in these cases. So the checkout and check-in bumps the version in ePDM, but now the latest version no longer has the current revision tag. So people who can't see working versions don't see the latest revision.


I think I remember somebody comment about the how the vault file upgrade utility that opens and saves the SolidWorks to the next version bumps the revision tag so I was thinking it was possible to do through the API.


Or did the migration company do some SQL magic in the background?