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Design Challenge for June - Suggestions?

Question asked by Kevin Van Liere on Apr 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2010 by Kevin Van Liere

So we now have had two presentations on "Top Down Design", Horizontal Modeling, or in-context design. I have also posted a fantastic presentation I saw at SolidWorks World 2006. So, I am now considering what the next Design Challenge will be. Steve Ellenburg wants something that we can do for his students. This is my current idea (and I want your feedback on what the challenge topic will be):


I propose that I will create a true "Skeleton" model of a human body. This skeleton will contain the lengths of joints, axes of rotation of each of the joints, etc. Then, it will be up to users to add one or more body parts that rely on the skeleton model. You can add skin, clothes, or just better looking body parts with mates that rely on the axes, planes, bodies, etc of the skeleton. Here's the kicker: I will show up with a modified skeleton model to plug into your submitted model. It won't change a lot - just position of joints (slightly). We will then let the audience judge each model after I review how you did your design using (or not using) the skeleton model.


I love the idea, except for one problem, is this too time consuming for you? How could we simplify it so that it is a reasonable design project? Please let me know...