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    BOM and freeze of graphics

    Peter De Vlieger

      It's not the first time that I had this happen.


      Situation :

      Creating a drawing with a handful of views, some of them with breaks, of a piping asm.

      Creating a BOM of one of the views.

      Wanting to edit the BOM.

      If I try to edit anything other then the last line then all is fine.

      If I however dare to try the last line then nothing much happens, at all. At best, SW crashes. At worst, the center of the screen freezes.


      I can change tabs and they respond as expected so that I do see the different icons for view layout, annotation,sketch, evaluate, office products

      I can change the tab in the feature manager and it responds. If I try to mimize it then the little handle will jump to the left put I can still see the feature manager open although then it won't respond anymore to wanting to switch the tab. If I maximize again by clicking the handle then alls back to normal concerning it.

      The same applies for the setup on the right of the screen.


      The center of the screen is completely frozen and nothing one does can change it.


      Anyone ever had that happen ?

      Anyone know of a solution or how to prevent it from happening ?


      I'm getting rather fed up to have to restart creating a drawing because of problems like this.

      3 Hours of work and what do I have to show for it? Nada !